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Shoe trends 2018

Shopping for shoes is not an easy task, especially nowadays: fashion trends come fast and go faster, and being fashionable, as you also focus on your personal comfort, becomes a harder effort.  On top of this, it is necessary to own and use the right kind of shoes for every occasion, so you’ve got to be prepared. Keep reading to find out the latest shoe trends for 2018!


For women


Transparent heels

This effect, that hints at the foot silhouette, has been adopted by a vast amount of designers and fashion houses, such as Chanel and Balmain. Simple, elegant and good-looking, transparent heels are a great choice for casual, not that formal meetings.

Shining glitter

Dust off your shining heels, they’re coming back! This not-so-new trend is making a return, focusing on shining heels and boots on your everyday style. Shining shoes will give you a laid back and fresh look, perfect for parties and other special events.


This touch, hinting a rock and punk style in heels, boots and shoes, has been featured by designers such as Saint Lauren, Dolce & Gabbana and Chloé, bringing with it a modern fashion, not too formal nor too casual that will suit any and every occasion.

Extra tall heels

Don’t miss out on height! If your high heels have a couple of extra inches from what you’re used to wear, then you’re ready to tackle 2018. Mix your tall heels with exotic colors and unexpected figures to be the center of attention no matter where you go.

White shoes

You can’t be wrong with white shoes. This trend is rising all around the world, and it doesn’t stop at white heels: white boots and other white shoes are just as elegant and sleek, achieving the same effect. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to the office or to a party, white will not let you down.

Velvet shoes

These shoes, particularly velvet heels, are as delicate and you can get, and will match your most attractive outfits very well. Go for soft colors that match the rest of your clothing, and remember that the highlight of velvet heels comes from their look-and-feel. You will look charming with them!


For men


The desert boot

This long known footwear is not leaving 2018’s top footwear lists for men, mainly because it fits most styles with little effort and a balance between comfort and attractiveness. The desert boot looks casual and goes well with traditional soft tones, perfect for parties and other casual meetings.

Military-style boots

If you value durability just as much as your looks, then you should know that military-style boots are on the rise again. These comfortable and resistant boots are a good fit in a casual setting, especially in colder settings.

Brogue boots

Finally, if you’re looking for something to wear in a more formal setting, like the office or with your favorite suit, take a look at brogue-style boots and their traditional look, retaining comfort and style.