Trends 2018

3 Trends Everyone Will Be Wearing in 2018

2018 has just started and, therefore, it’s not too late to catch up in the new and upcoming fashion trends that will pop out and be used all through the year. Most of these trends have been cooking up and appearing sporadically in fashion parades and designer shops during the latter half of 2017, and now they’re all ready to catch up and become the most popular fashion trends. Don’t miss out on them while you can!

Beret and beanies

Berets and beanies are coming back to the mainstream fashion: these cute accessories give you a wide amount of flexibility on how to wear them, and will add a relaxed touch to your outfit that you can benefit from in both casual and not-so-casual settings. You can choose whether to use a beret in a more formal setting or a beanie if you’re just going out to enjoy yourself, or if it’s cold outside.


Go for soft colors that can match any other tone you wear, or go wild and choose an exotic and extravagant beret if you want to stand out no matter where you go. Mix them with a nice hair tone or haircut and you’ll look amazing!

Uniform colors

2018 will definitely NOT be a year of mixing colors. You don’t have to worry anymore about choosing your top, belt, purse and every clothing item so that their colors match and combine, because a new trend that is becoming popular is to use just either just one color throughout your whole outfit or a mixture of different shades of the same tone.


Pick one color you like (it’s better if you choose a light color like pink or pastel green) then choose your clothing and accessories so that they match the color you’ve chosen. If you want to mix colors, go for white and other pale colors, but make sure the main shade in your whole outfit remains uniform.

Micro purses

Another sweet touch that will go wild in and during 2018 is micro purses. These accessories, while having less space for your things, are more of a cute addition than an utility. You can use them to bring your makeup, or your most important things, and they will look good with the rest of your outfit. They’re also extremely comfortable to carry with you everywhere. Micro purses are the perfect accessory no matter where you go. Pick one that matches your main outfit color, and you’ll look fabulous!