Uniforms, the perfect fashion statement

Maybe not all of us have the need to wear uniforms daily but nevertheless the influence of uniforms on our daily clothes is always present.

Uniforms are everywhere, they have a great variety that significantly influences society and represent different roles in fashion. Its four most important and inspiring categories are military, school, sports and work.

Generally uniforms are designed for the social presentation of the body used by members of an organization while participating in the activity of the organization, that is, to associate people with a certain group and highlight. In one way or another, uniforms have also been considered as the opposite of fashion. The reasons for thinking this is that the design focuses on functionality, control, and tradition, characteristics that are opposite to what fashion wants to reflect focusing more on change, creativity, new trends that last very little and the search for an own identity.

On the other hand, uniforms have played an important role since several years ago, the presence of uniforms have managed to “change the way we understand fashion“. Even so, throughout history, fashion has constantly found inspiration in uniforms of all kinds.

Mainly the most influential uniforms all over the world are military uniforms, these have a constant and strong presence in fashion over the years. Golden buttons, camouflage print and stripes are some of the aspects that stand out in the designs giving a very interesting touch to the pieces. Also sports uniforms reflect power and strength through the fabrics, colors and textures used to make them. Among the clear examples that we can highlight in this way of style we can find Chanel’s autumn-winter 2015 collection, was inspired by the uniform of elegant hostesses and Thom Browne usually has strong references of school uniforms through its collections, among many more.

Now let’s talk about the work uniforms were created to identify the employees in a quick and concise way. Example of this are some of the logos of companies that appear in shirts, caps, pants and even in the shoes of employees. Companies like towtruck-tampa.com are a clear example of this. They are dedicated to providing services of the highest quality capable of towing vehicles of all sizes and styles at any time of day in the Tampa area, Apart from having this spectacular and useful service they use work uniforms that can clearly be an inspiration in fashion.

8 spring/summer 2018 fashion trends

Spring Summer Fashion Trend

What does the future of spring-winter fashion hold for us? 2018 started being a year to innovate, full of opportunities and good vibes. What better way to continue the year being completely in fashion with the trends we expect for this season. A great combination of colors, textures, themes and a little of the past, give life to the following alternatives that we must wear.

  1. Shining in the crowd! The color of the year, the lavender, taking more and more protaginism before the millennial pink, the different shades of this pastel color will be the most used this year.
  2. Denim: brands like Elizabeth and James, Oscar de la Renta, Tom Ford, Alexander McQueen and Y / Project teach us how to take this trend from head to toe with unique pieces, a dark blue and fantastic finish that will make us stand out.
  3. The era of the 80`s, the diana princess will always be a great representative of the fashion of this time and even in 2018 we want to reflect her wonderful style. Puff sleeved jackets, high-waisted jeans, pristine white slouchy boots, long, lean legs and big shouldered printed dresses are part of the silhouettes that designers have reflected for this season.
  4. Sportswear: leaving the basic and boring standard of sportswear this season presents us with more innovative, sexy and elegant options. Skirts, dresses, suits, jumpsuits and coats are part of this trend, combining them with accessories, heels and other more feminine garments are the perfect combination for any occasion.
  5. Because the floral is never missing and especially that it would be a spring without flowers. Very important pieces of this category are the dresses in pastel tones and primary colors with a vintage style, which are a sure success to keep you fashionable.
  6. More prints: although this is a somewhat complicated issue due to the fact of knowing how to correctly combine so many textures and colors, prints can definitely be found in your closet.
  7. How exciting! Fanny packs or bum bags are back and come to make a difference this time, worn at the waist or hanging, these have different designs and styles adapted for different occasions from a streetstyle to the most formal occasion.
  8. square neckline: from the time of the Renaissance with its subtle, elegant, versatile and quite flattering forms comprises a key part of this season.

3 Trends Everyone Will Be Wearing in 2018

Trends 2018

2018 has just started and, therefore, it’s not too late to catch up in the new and upcoming fashion trends that will pop out and be used all through the year. Most of these trends have been cooking up and appearing sporadically in fashion parades and designer shops during the latter half of 2017, and now they’re all ready to catch up and become the most popular fashion trends. Don’t miss out on them while you can!

Beret and beanies

Berets and beanies are coming back to the mainstream fashion: these cute accessories give you a wide amount of flexibility on how to wear them, and will add a relaxed touch to your outfit that you can benefit from in both casual and not-so-casual settings. You can choose whether to use a beret in a more formal setting or a beanie if you’re just going out to enjoy yourself, or if it’s cold outside.


Go for soft colors that can match any other tone you wear, or go wild and choose an exotic and extravagant beret if you want to stand out no matter where you go. Mix them with a nice hair tone or haircut and you’ll look amazing!

Uniform colors

2018 will definitely NOT be a year of mixing colors. You don’t have to worry anymore about choosing your top, belt, purse and every clothing item so that their colors match and combine, because a new trend that is becoming popular is to use just either just one color throughout your whole outfit or a mixture of different shades of the same tone.


Pick one color you like (it’s better if you choose a light color like pink or pastel green) then choose your clothing and accessories so that they match the color you’ve chosen. If you want to mix colors, go for white and other pale colors, but make sure the main shade in your whole outfit remains uniform.

Micro purses

Another sweet touch that will go wild in and during 2018 is micro purses. These accessories, while having less space for your things, are more of a cute addition than an utility. You can use them to bring your makeup, or your most important things, and they will look good with the rest of your outfit. They’re also extremely comfortable to carry with you everywhere. Micro purses are the perfect accessory no matter where you go. Pick one that matches your main outfit color, and you’ll look fabulous!